Can’t shake off PHP-Fusion??

There were at least 3 times that I’d wanted to find something on the blog, this blog. A picture located in a photogallery folder I knew it’s in, but had to do a search on the shortcode or something to narrow down and find the right folder, or knew what folder it must be in but had to located the folder in a post. As an alternative, FTP to the server and look thru all the folders until I found the photo I was looking for. That wouldn’t have typically been the case on the old PHP-Fusion site. All photos would have been in the photogallery, with albums displayed to pick and view thumbnails of the photos to find what I wanted. As a CMS, all stored items for my reference and retrieval are in their own distinct areas: post in a forum, in an article, photogallery, etc.. Not all lumped into a reverse chronological blog format storage space.

So here I am today. Downloaded PHP-Fusion v8/v9 to see which I want to go back to. Clean install. On a new domain. We’ll see.

WP will continue to run this domain. With what content behind/inside it I’m not sure. Probably very little.

Now, if I can only keep from adding too many infusions on PHP-Fusion and end up with junk extras and leftover shit after upgrades….

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