Built Out the Lanai and Garage Extension

We’d been talking about extending the back porch into a small lanai for some time now, because it just wasn’t enough room from the rain when we smoke. As the contemplating went on, I also decided I need a 3rd car garage to get my truck off the street. Initial thoughts were just a concrete carport slab and adding a vinyl 2-door gate with no actual covered garage. Well, the contemplating turned into real plans given our home equity skyrocketed after real estate costs soared a few years ago and we were now able to afford just about any kind of renovations. The porch extension turned into a full lanai the same width as the house that connects to the garage (and no more inside yard except for the two strips of grass on each side of the house), and a full on 3rd car garage add-on with automatic garage door. So we contracted with Arthur Galang to do the work, got the permits and engineer plans and all. We started in early December… and got done last week.

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