Bill Jarboe

I first met Bill Jarboe as SP5 Jarboe at Ft. Ritchie, MD on my first assignment after AIT. He and I both then got picked for the project Kunia assignment, so went TDY to Ft. Gordon for SATCOM school and then 4 months training at Ft. Meade before going to Kunia, HI. I ran into him in Korea after the Hawaii assignment, him by then out of the Army and working as a contractor. Then lost touch… since then a lot of us old fogies from Ritchie and Kunia days have reconnected on social media, but Bill was always off the social media radar. I knew he settled in southern AZ in the Ft. Huachuca area, where he got out of the Army after his last assignment there.

Caught me off guard really. Rest in peace my friend.

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