Big Island of Hawaii disaster unfolding

I watch the news almost every evening to catch up on what’s going on with the Kilauea eruption, and it’s heartbreaking. Heartbreaking to see this tragedy unfold and as each day passes and it gets more widespread, there’s nothing anybody can do to slow or stop it. It’s like a scene out of Hollywood movies. Normally we think of volcanic eruptions as a mountaintop blowing up and lava and ash flowing down toward civilization or something. With this, it’s a cluster of communities, neighborhoods, that have the ground underneath them… roads, wooded areas, front and back yards… all of sudden cracking open. Steam begins to escape, and then full blown lava eruptions. It’s consuming the communities as we watch ever so helplessly.

The flip side of all this is, everyone knows that the volcano is active and this is not “surprising” in the sense that anyone would have never thought something like this to happen. Yet still, it’s sad.

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