Baby Stephan has arrived

Horns are blaring in more regal form than in Coming to America or any royal kingdom in the world.

Lou and Peaches left the house at about 2am this morning because Peaches’ contractions were getting close and more intense. I think on the way her water broke.

Our first grandchild, our grandson. He arrived. Baby Stephan. July 10, 2014. I don’t know the exact time but he arrived this morning sometime after 9am. and before 9:47am at Kapiolani women and Children’s Hospital. Mommy Peaches is doing well from what Grandma Lou tells me, and I’ll be seeing them soon.

Baby Stephan has blazed the path for our first granddaughter (Justin and Rachelle) to follow in two months.

Life is good. No, we have grandchildren finally. Life is *%$@# awesome!
RESTRICTED CONTENT I took sick leave today and went to the hospital at about 11:30am, Lina and me, she drove. Then I drove back with Lou in the early afternoon so she could shower and get a bit of sleep. We then went back down in the evening. Lou drove herself, Lina drove Jon and Justin, and then I drove myself after stopping at Tripler to pickup meds. Rachelle met us at the hospital, as did Darryl. So Peachie and baby Stephan had plenty visitors this evening.

Lou stayed at the hospital and spent the night to help Peaches. I went home.

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