Avoid “Nulled” WordPress Themes

I saw this in an email titled Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins (9 Reasons). Now, I in my heyday did my share of downloading pirated stuff for use on my web page and other uses like music (remember Napster? Oh, I’m the old person here?) and software. Not so much anymore, for several reasons.

1. Back in the day of so many companies producing software before the monopolies cornered just about all the niche markets, I was of the mindset that I didn’t want to spend money to buy software today, from a here today gone tomorrow company (either swallowed up by another company or go out of business because of same) and end up with no support, no upgrade/update trail. You know, the olden days of companies like Ashton Tate (why spend bucks buying dBaseIII+), Borland, Stack Electronics, etc.. Exactly, those companies are long gone.

2. Aside from the solid and mainstay platform developers and software authors like the major applications (word processing, database, spreadsheet, etc.), many companies were small and trying to break into a steady hold on their share. Many didn’t succeed. And with small companies and software authors, many were buggy to various degrees because, unlike Microsoft and the like, these companies didn’t have years to R&D their products, and teams of beta testers. They wrote, packaged, and released.

3. Bottom line. Back in the day I didn’t have the cash to just spend not knowing how long the software I bought would be good before I was forced to pay again to upgrade.

I'm more responsible now, to shell out if I really need an application. I guess I’m more mature in my thinking too, in that I understand and want to support those authors of scripts and app that I find useful on more than a one-time basis, and know that they need user support to continue developing and enhancing and improving their product. Yet some I donate to (the free releases with “pro” upgrades or simple requests for donations) simply to show my appreciation of their work and talent.

So going back to the email and the link to the wpbeginner article, yeah, same thing. At least on surface discussion. The article covers much more serious consequences such as compromising security, which is a deeper concern for those who like hacked and pirated shit to think about. Not me.

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