Army Flashback…

I was fumbling around the web the other day on military related, or military info related, sites and came across names that I’d forgotten long ago.

I came across an online issue of the Army Communicator (which has since become restricted at its online link location). Names familiar in memory of long gone Army days… A CW5 Todd Boudreau who was a SSG Boudreau back in Ft. Ritchie days. CW4 Jack Wilson, the OIC at Kunia in the 80s. And memories came flooding back of my earliest Army days at Site-R, working swing or mid shifts, and having to go to one of the small conference or break rooms sit and watch Commander’s Call taped sessions of MG Gerd Grombacher, who was at the time the CG of US Army Communications Command (USACC).

What a blast from the past flashback….

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