Another Activities Day with the Girls

We were supposed to go to the Zoo as today’s fun filled activity. As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw at least two long lines of people (haha mostly tourists) waiting to enter the zoo. Parking was jammed as people circled waiting to find an open slot. Heck no, sorry girls we ain’t standing around waiting like tourists!!! We pulled out and left. We decided on Chuck E Cheese since the girls will enjoy the games and rides and whatever else in the play area, and we could have lunch. We opted for the one in Kapolei. We got there and, because of COVID capacity restrictions, there was a hour and 45 minute wait for tables. Screw that, we ain’t waiting that long to eat lunch. We left there and went to The Outback for lunch.

Of course, the girls wouldn’t hear of not having a fun activity and still wanted to go to Chuck E cheese. So yeah, after we had a nice full steak lunch (long wait for the serving even tho we were seated right away!), we circled back to Chuck E Cheese. There was still a long wait for tables but now we didn’t need tables since we ate already and just were going into the play area. So that we did!

We spent a couple of hours there for the girls to have their fun. Then we stopped by Baskin Robbins at Ewa Pantry and picked up ice cream on the way home… the day is done!


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