Annual Christmas Party 2018

We had our annual Christmas party this year, albeit not on Christmas Eve as we typically have it. We did it earlier, on Saturday Dec 22. The thought process was that it would be a smaller crowd this year since we lost the Kim (Mark and Vivian Kim, who moved to Korea) and some others who won’t be on-island or free to come join us.

But, as is the case a lot of times, people brought people, had family in town so they came along, etc.. I also invited a couple of families from work too, for once right! As it tuned out, it was a larger crowd than what we have probably have ever had at our house. And it turned out to be a great party as usual.

One down side is I made it a point to drink this time, so started to do so when we started barbecuing. By the time the party started, I was feeling good… too good to be a dedicated photographer. And so, not as many photos, and I didn’t cover the entire group with photos. Dang it….

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