American Pie – My Memory Soundtrack

Another song from the recesses of my memories. What is my saying, songs from yesteryear pop up… and put me into my mode of reflection of life lived. 1971 release.

Inventorying the flashback visions. One, My brother Leo in his room recording songs off the radio, and tuning in to Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) with this song playing. Two, I’m at Playland Bowl in Anigua with our baseball coach and some other LL teammates, we’re bowling, and it plays as we bowl. Three, again with Mr. (Trevor) Howell our coach and a few from the team. This time at Andersen South. There was a snack bar there and we “kids” were having a blast being out, free, eating and playing the video arcade games of the times. I don’t know if we were a nuisance to the military guys and families there. 🙂

Tiempun antes magahet…

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