Aloha and Adios Sen John McCain

Sen McCain, I mourn your passing today. You have always represented the best of the best in government, exemplifying the utmost in integrity in all you did, in undeniable honesty to our country, to yourself, in all you did. You are the last of a breed of statesmen of whom I looked up to, applauded, and respected. As an Army retiree who enlisted during the cold war, I looked upon you as a hero always. Your sacrifices will never be emulated. But I mourn your passing for the sake of our country, and not for you. You led an amazing and full life. It is now your time to rest easy, and smile down on us and marvel at your accomplishments with that bright smile. I only wish that I could have met you in person to witness your greatness.

God is with you. I know that. Peace be with you Senator John McCain.

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