Ahh the new normal

Lou and I left the house today, oh yes we did. We went to the Kaiser Waipio pharmacy for some stuff, and then on the way home we stopped by Leonard’s malasadas truck in Waikele. We ran back out soon after that to the post office. The whole time, of course, I/we wore face masks when we were out of the car. I kept looking around at other people as we went along. Just about everybody wearing masks or other mouth and nose cover of some sort. I observed the markings of six feet separation on the floor of the pharmacy where the customer line is formed; on the pavement outside the Leonard’s truck order window. And of course the post office line stretched way out the door and down the sidewalk with the 6-foot separation markings. And of course, because of the general stay at home order in effect, much less people out and about. Traffic was relatively light on the roads and freeway. And all the time people looking at each other as we all come within proximity of each other to see that the other is in fact taking the prescribed precautions. This is the new normal, at least indefinitely.

This reminds me of the old classic movie with Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, and Jeff Goldblum movie (1978, I’m sure there have been more recent movies that can relate) Invasion of the Body Snatchers. As people get taken over by aliens from pods, they all walk around looking at the others as if to check if the other is still human, and alert if others are still human and not aliens. It’s funny in a way, yet sad sign of what’s going on with this COVID shit.

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