About my Blog…

My Storage and Retrieval/Store and Forward area. Archive files. Whatevers… Files, photos, videos, my Chamorro and Hawaii (and other) music collection, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal, personal, private, work/job related quick references, documents, info. You know, my personal storage and content management system for MY STUFF. Some stuff on the up and up, some on the down low. It’s here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.

logoWhat’s On Here… I was so into dialup electronic bulletin boards (BBSs), and ran one back in the day. Then the “public consumption” Internet access and the World Wide Web came, driving BBSs into virtual extinction. I’ve had a web page/web site since… ever since (transitioning to internet web pages as dial-up bulletin board days began to wane), first on free hosting like Geocities and TheGlobe using plain HTML based pages. Geocities deleted my web page after a while, probably because I was hotlinking to my Chamorro music mp3’s or something.

I revived the site on a hosted account and went to a PHP script based platform (PHP-Fusion) instead of building HTML pages. I went back and forth several times between PHP-Fusion and WordPress, as well as thru other platforms like Discus Forums, PhPBB, etc., partly for experimentation on what I like better, and partly to feel if a CMS suits my needs better than a blog. I’m back to and think I’m settling on WordPress, trying to get it to where it’s now a blend of the two (although, I really would prefer PHP-Fusion if it developed/managed a better customer service/user support perspective).

It’s not meant to be a public offering necessarily. This is my web space to use for this and that. Collect and store photos, videos, things like that. I mainly use this site as a way to store and reference things that I may have a need to retrieve later, be it from work, when on the road, etc.. I just hate it when I feel I need a word document, or a spreadsheet, or a PDF file, and the file is on my computer at home while I’m at work. Or something at the job requires me to submit a certification document I have and I can’t get to a copy right away. Or there are things that I want to share with others that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to if on my home PC HD. My web site is (generally) reachable from the web behind app or .htaccess/.htpasswd login, or both, to retrieve things I need when I need them, cybersecurity shit permitting…

DAV logoI journal life’s events and shit offline. Some of them, eventful and possibly of specific sharing interests, I put on here. Most of them, uneventful day-to-day stuff, I don’t. Then there’s the in-between, stuff of my interest to make note of but not necessarily for anyone/everyone else, I do but with read/view restrictions. It’s nice sometimes to go back and look at what I did, day-to-day, years ago. I consolidated old handwritten or typed journal stuff that I’ve had over the years in chronological sequence, so have done a lot of backdating. You know as well as I do that there was no publicly consumable Internet in the 1970s and 1980s, no such thing as WordPress, blogs, being online, etc.. The ‘dates’ of my early entries are backdated according to my pen and ink journals.

I also use the site as a hosting location on which to post “shares” on my social media platform. Why? Because I have direct control of the content that I post as a shared post. Take for instance photos. When you upload photos to an album on Facebook, it is resized according to Facebook’s size restrictions. So if I posted a pic that is, say 3500×2200 in dimensions, it will be resized to something considerably smaller. So if I wanted to share those pics with family to be able to download, they’ll download the resized photos. Not so if the photos are shared from this site. I control the stored filesize. Oh, and not to mention the big brother oversight on social media… post something that the powers that be don’t like or violates their standards and my shit gets deleted. Not if it’s on my blog.
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Following along those lines, on the site I can share pretty much any ‘page’ on the site onto social media. So that means I can share blog posts, pages/articles, provide and store downloads, etc., and therefore share just about any type of file I want.. spreadsheets, pdf documents, powerpoint slides, etc.. Can that be done as easily on public social media? (HINT: The answer is NO). I may (or may not, you may never know!!) also share stuff not allowed on those social media sites by sharing an intro or teaser (not fully disclosed) content for those friends to follow to the site. It just gives me so much more flexibility and direct control of my content. Yeah I know social media is all the rage and people don’t visit personal web sites much anymore. And that’s fine too. The site’s here for me primarily, not the web public.

Beyond that, I won’t elaborate on anything else. If you think as I do, you’ll send me a quiet inquiry. If you don’t, don’t try to deduce anything and just let it lie!! 🙂

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