67% of our lives together

1975 photoOn every Valentine’s Day, we celebrate something more than just Valentine’s Day. Our wedding anniversary. Today makes it our 40th. In those 40 years Lou and I have seen a lot, experienced a lot, lived a lot. Remembering when we were barely out of our teens, we told each other we wanted to grow old together. We wanted to look back on our lives and laugh together, cry together, reminisce together. Because we did all that as we have been journeying on this Earth together. Now that we are able to look back in memories of more years than we can rationally say we have left in this world, we take stock in what we have.

And after 67% of our lives spent together, she still does it for me. She’s still the one. I love my LuluBelle just as much as I did 40 years ago (47 if I count the years we were going out before marriage. RESTRICTED CONTENT

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