Christmas cookie painting for the grandkids

Loula always has some festive activity for the grandkids for the holidays. These will be the memories of their grandmother when they all grow up. We set up for Google Meet with Peaches, Michael Stephan, and Mia so we could do it as a family. It was nice, albeit with much technical issue aggravations throughout… Continue Reading “Christmas cookie painting for the grandkids”

Mind goes south in the blink of an eye

Yes it does at times, over the most innocuous and innocent things. Does that happen to anyone else? For instance, this was posted by , a friend of mine for over 30 years, on Facebook.

(Hidden pic for identity reasons, so no worry, you're not missing out on anything NC17)

I gotta go see someone about this mind of mine…… Continue Reading “Mind goes south in the blink of an eye”