We must laugh in the face of this pandemic

Another approach to documenting this world of ours and the craziness of this COVID-19 pandemic is a satirical one. The web is exploding with memes and videos making light of our sad predicament. Sometimes that’s all we can do. I saw this one video that cracked me up. One of our old classmates posted it in… Continue Reading “We must laugh in the face of this pandemic”

Noting Kenny Rogers in music memories

Legendary country singer Kenny Rogers dies at 81

I grew up not knowing or realizing there were very distinct genres of music since on Guam we had a very small, select, choice of radio stations. I only remember two…. KUAM and KSTO (K-Stereo). The stations played the different genres at different times … Continue Reading “Noting Kenny Rogers in music memories”

Telling tourists/visitors to stay away

Is it a matter of how to say it, or is there really a good time in this pandemic to worry about political correctness? Or is said stigma really unavoidable? There was a story on HNN basically asking the question.

The truth is, this COVID-19 outbreak, as it affects Hawaii, is coming from out of state. We are surrounded… Continue Reading “Telling tourists/visitors to stay away”