Possible health Hazard down the road?

This morning several people at work were talking about how their car FOBs didn’t work when they left the building to go home yesterday. Those who had actually car door keys had to use them to unlock their doors. I didn’t drive to work yesterday so I didn’t notice this. And then again this morning… Continue Reading “Possible health Hazard down the road?”

Grands during Stephan’s visit

Peaches and Stephan have only been gone 4 months, but seems like much longer. Geez I miss Stephan, my boy. Anyway, Michael, Peaches and Stephan were in town this past week. Michael had a TDY here for , so Peaches and Stephan tagged along. They came in on the Monday and just left today. The grandkids enjoyed each … Continue Reading “Grands during Stephan’s visit”