Another Celebration for Peter, this one a closer Family gathering

We had another celebration of life gathering for Peter, this one being at our house for our family and close friends tribute. We waited this long so that most of the family, our kids in particular since they grew up close to Peter, could attend. Lunch gathering…
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Those aimless, who knows where I’ll end up, days

I mentioned this several times to some around me about those younger days, cloudy in memory, hazy at best… the drifting days where when I left the home in the morning, who the frick knows where I’d go, who I’d run into, who I’d hang with or get into some shady shit with, what kind of shady… Continue Reading “Those aimless, who knows where I’ll end up, days”

Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???

I posted somewhere else, thought to share here.

What does anyone think about the thing (recent follow up story here) with Ray Tenorio, former Lt Governor, and his legal issue after trying to grab a police officer’s gun? He says he was in law enforcement and saw an officer with an alleged improperly holstered… Continue Reading “Fmr LtGov Tenorio’s “teaching moment”???”

1994 Shooting/shootout

For whatever reason, probably because of the recent OCCC shooting, I went back to one of the incidents that I still remember back in 1994 and made a note of. Since then a lot has changed for Stan Cook, the officer who was shot and survived that shootout. He has a site that he owns that details and historifies his experience.… Continue Reading “1994 Shooting/shootout”