The saddest is when it’s a child

When it’s a child, when the family is tangibly real to you, when you know the parent. What to say to them when their child dies by suicide… The saying is real: A parent should never have to experience the death of their child. I simply cannot imagine the horrific thoughts, reactions, parents experience… Continue Reading “The saddest is when it’s a child”

Lou’s Birthday at Kalapawai Cafe and Grill

The family took Lou out to dinner for her birthday this evening. We went to Kalapawai Cafe in Kapolei. Me, Lou, Jon and Lina, Peaches, Michael and Stephan, and Justin, Rachelle, Elora and Aylah. I chose Kalapawai Cafe because we always drive past it and always say we should try stop there but never had. Happy birthday… Continue Reading “Lou’s Birthday at Kalapawai Cafe and Grill”