Horrific pedestrian accident in Kakaako

It was more than just a drunk driving pedestrian accident. To me it is more than DUI and manslaughter charges. It should be three counts of murder plus whatever other charges for fleeing police, reckless driving, and whatever else can be stacked against this motherf***er for the non-fatal injuries. As soon… Continue Reading “Horrific pedestrian accident in Kakaako”

Landmark Plumeria hotel – gone?

I forget if it was Guam’s todaysrealty realtors that posted this or something else. But it caught my attention. The Plumeria Hotel in Mongmong/Maite. t’s been there since as far back as I can remember, back into my earliest childhood memories. We also stayed there a few times while on leave in my… Continue Reading “Landmark Plumeria hotel – gone?”