Checking out the Chamorro Grindz

Lina had told me weeks ago that the Chamorro Grindz truck got a stall at the Waikele Shopping Center close to where the Leonard’s Malasadas truck parks, and would be there frequently. So I told myself we need to stop by and support them. Well today was the first day, as we stopped by on our way home from a short… Continue Reading “Checking out the Chamorro Grindz”

Taking me back to a safe place in my mind

I saw this shared on Facebook, and it stopped me in my tracks to sit and listen. And… not really reminisce per se but rather, let whatever memories attached to this song come flooding back. Preteen days, when life was all fun, carefree, safe. Where my biggest deadline was getting to baseball practice on… Continue Reading “Taking me back to a safe place in my mind”