This guy’s real presidential material

He has been compared to a special needs child with everyone around him making excuses for his juvenile actions. He’s been called unpresidential. He has been called so many crazy things because of his irresponsibility, totally uncouth behavior.

I try so hard not to vocalize what I think when he does something… Continue Reading “This guy’s real presidential material”

Scary high-rise building fire on Kapiolani Blvd

Yesterday’s top and continuing coverage news story was about a high rise condominium fire by the Ala Wai on the mauka side, a place called Marco Polo condos. There are fires every now and then, typically confined to one unit or one house. But this kind of thing I only see on TV somewhere else in the country… Continue Reading “Scary high-rise building fire on Kapiolani Blvd”

Tribute to Frank ‘Bokonggo’ Pangelinan

I was surfing YouTube and came across this video of a tribute performance to Bokonggo. I’d never seen it before but thought it was worth a look listen. Hey not bad, so I had to keep it. This was sponsored by Islander Registry. Way to go!

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