From Bill Maher re: Trump’s whining

I don’t bash for or against either side in public. I do have my views and opinions but rarely is it worth argument. The world plays itself out no matter what my or your opinion (so think about that before you spout out shit nobody around you wants to hear!) But sometimes, it gets downright comical… … Continue Reading “From Bill Maher re: Trump’s whining”

Man, now I gotta deal with Microsoft!!!

Yesterday I finally got a number to call for Microsoft to try to activate my Windows 7, 888-571-2048. I called the number yesterday evening and they referred me to the tech support, but that office was closed.

So today I called the Microsoft Assistance number a little earlier in the day to try to get my Windows … Continue Reading “Man, now I gotta deal with Microsoft!!!”

Dinosaurs in the career field

A couple of current and former co-workers and I were shooting the breeze about work related stuff, crypto issues in particular, and we former tech controllers from the telecommunications side started comparing how crypto, key updates, etc., have changed over the years (decades!!!) since we were brand new… Continue Reading “Dinosaurs in the career field”

The Computer woes saga continues..

I was on the phone for a little while this afternoon with Digital Solutions. I had told them about my Windows 7 product key not activating. They remoted in to try to activate it but went thru the same thing I did which didn’t work. They will try to find a phone number to call (for me to call?) Microsoft activation… Continue Reading “The Computer woes saga continues..”