Pride for Ewa Day outing with/for the kiddies

There was a community celebration called Pride For Ewa down the street by Justin/Rachelle’s place. Lou and I took Stephan (Peaches had to sleep for work this evening, and Lina worked this morning), and parked at Justin’s place. Rachelle took Elora, and we all walked (babies in strollers) over… Continue Reading “Pride for Ewa Day outing with/for the kiddies”

The days of “IBM-Compatible” terminology

I used to be one of those wannabe geeks who used to buy that heavy ass “magazine” Computer Shopper. I never took the time to get schooled/trained on PCs and chose to just tinker. Hard tinkering tho, and learning on my own, to whatever extent I learned properly. Back when my first real computer was … Continue Reading “The days of “IBM-Compatible” terminology”