Thanksgiving lunch 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving lunch today, as we do for either lunch of dinner every year. This year it was a small gathering with just the close family, plus Ricky and Bethany, Darryl and Bryant, Vangie, and Bobat Caluya. Justin invited two of his co-workers. Deb was also in from Guam and was here with… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving lunch 2014”

Nohelani Cypriano ~ In the Evening

I found this song on YouTube and had to have it. It was a hit in Hawaii soon after I got stationed here for the first time, after Lou and I just got married and were starting our lives together. Everything about Hawaii was good, life was good, everything was fun and happy times. This song, by Nohelani Cypriano, brings… Continue Reading “Nohelani Cypriano ~ In the Evening”

Mahalang for my baby – Bee Gees Too Much Heaven

Yeah, okay, I was into the Bee Gees back in the day. From disco days. Tho, this song didn’t represent partying disco nights for me.

I was just 4-5 months into the Army at the time, in AIT at Fort Gordon, GA, and severely, miserably missing my baby (Lou). I’d spend almost every evening writing to her…… Continue Reading “Mahalang for my baby – Bee Gees Too Much Heaven”