Such teases, those two girls

Yes they know how to tease alright…

They posted this on Facebook and tagged me. Every Christmas I always say I wish for Santa to bring me a Harley… and every year the kids tease me about it with some of the presents they give me… Harley mousepad, bandana, small model replica bike, etc.. This … Continue Reading “Such teases, those two girls”

Chamorro mp3 List/Collection

Pues okay, this is what I have in my converted collection of the music library for Chamorro mp3’s. Ronnie thanks for asking… over and over and over… 🙂 I will update as needed

Updated 05/09/2021

├── 1st Issue
│   ├── Cruise Control
│   │   ├── 01.Chamorro Pride.mp3
│   │   ├── 02.Gotte… Continue Reading “Chamorro mp3 List/Collection”

This gun ban/second amendment white noise

I call it white noise because to me it is… that background hiss and crackle that is always there, not so loud that we cannot talk and carry on with the day’s agenda, but ever so present enough in volume that when you stop talking, you hear it like low volume elevator music. People keep talking and talking… Continue Reading “This gun ban/second amendment white noise”