Givin’ my X what she needs (50k)

I would guess that not everyone is as gracious and generous, or genuinely concerned, about their X. In fact, I’ll bet very few still give their X what she needs from time to time. I do.

[member]Dropped the X off today for 50k mile servicing. It’s 5 years old this May and so far so good, no major issues… Continue Reading “Givin’ my X what she needs (50k)”

When I used to miss home – The Krush – Waialua Sky

When I first joined the Army and left home, I certainly missed Lou, family, friends, etc.. I also would go into periods of missing home life, the simplicity and coziness of it, all the things about Guam that I couldn’t quantify to others around me.

I used to tell myself that I was going to do one enlistment… Continue Reading “When I used to miss home – The Krush – Waialua Sky”