Dark days back in the day

PDN puts out these police cold case articles every so often, which I usually casually peruse as a matter of looking back to whether I was still on Guam as a teen or younger, or where I was when these things happened. Usually, the unsolved crime featured is something I read about from an unconnected bystander perspective… Continue Reading “Dark days back in the day”

Ten Years Ago, We Cannot forget 9-11-2001

Some people prefer not to think or look back at the attack on America by Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001 because it pisses them off all over again. It shocks and frightens them just as it did 10 years ago. They would rather put it out of their minds and think of better thoughts instead of reliving the horror. Au contraire,… Continue Reading “Ten Years Ago, We Cannot forget 9-11-2001”