Thanksgiving 2010 Dinner get together

Another annual Thanksgiving get together at the house this year. I guess my thanks to give is my new govie job??? On a solemn note, this is the first Thanksgiving without Lou’s Dad. Eva Hurgo came. Mike Dodge was in town and joined us. The Gallardes also came. Sean/Sheryl’s neighbor Kevin and Karen… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving 2010 Dinner get together”

Destination Truth: Guam “Tribes”?

Someone told me about a show on SyFy channel called Destination Truth and last week or so had one episode about Guam and the taotaomonas. did anybody see it? So I happened to find a friend who DVR’d it (didn’t know DVR was a verb , didja!!) so watched it. What a totally bogus and setup and dramatized … Continue Reading “Destination Truth: Guam “Tribes”?”