The downside of swing shifts is you miss the parties

The downside is that I get home late in the evening, and when there’s a gathering or some partying going on at home I either come in at the tail end of it or miss it completely… SMH…

Bill and Tesh are on-island traveling thru. I got home almost 1am tonight and they were over. Apparently Bill was… Continue Reading “The downside of swing shifts is you miss the parties”

Thanksgiving 2010 Dinner get together

Another annual Thanksgiving get together at the house this year. I guess my thanks to give is my new govie job??? On a solemn note, this is the first Thanksgiving without Lou’s Dad. Eva Hurgo came. Mike Dodge was in town and joined us. The Gallardes also came. Sean/Sheryl’s neighbor Kevin and Karen… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving 2010 Dinner get together”

Destination Truth: Guam “Tribes”?

Someone told me about a show on SyFy channel called Destination Truth and last week or so had one episode about Guam and the taotaomonas. did anybody see it? So I happened to find a friend who DVR’d it (didn’t know DVR was a verb , didja!!) so watched it. What a totally bogus and setup and dramatized … Continue Reading “Destination Truth: Guam “Tribes”?”