We are being attacked on US soil

I was supposed to have the day off from work, one that was a long time coming. Mike Enos called me at about 3:30am or so, waking me up, and asked me if I have seen the news on TV. I told him I hadn’t, and he suggested I check CNN and then decide if I still wanted to take the day off. I quickly turn on the TV and see replaying … Continue Reading “We are being attacked on US soil”

Putting the Chamorro and Hawaii CDs into MP3

I’ve been ripping CDs, trying my best to convert vinyl and cassette tape to .mp3 format. I’ve been thinking of then uploading them to the web site server and linking them to be played like I did when I had my web site on geocities (remember www.geocities.com/tropics/theshores/9350…). … Continue Reading “Putting the Chamorro and Hawaii CDs into MP3”