A Place for MY STUFF

My Private Area for Personal Storage, Staging, and Sharing!

Storage and retrieval/store and forward area. Archive files. Whatevers… Files, photos, videos, my Chamorro and Hawaii (and other) music collection, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal, personal, private, work/job related quick references, documents, info. You know, my personal storage and content management system for MY STUFF. Some stuff on the up and up, some on the down low. Some stuff I might share access to, some I definitely will/dare not, some that is worth collaborating and reciprocating on (what I call ‘mutually assured destruction’ stuff). My site is here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.

Dalai Nene (Johnny Sablan)

Triste Yu (D.U.B.)

Malofan Hao (Johnny Sablan)

Tristin Pulan (Eddie Boy Acfalle)

Legends Of Guam (Johnny Sablan)

Papit Siento (Chamolinian)

Christmas Odyssey In Vietnam (Johnny Sablan)

Saipan (KC De Leon Guerrero)

Putfabot Nanahu (P.Champaco/F.Fejeran)

Munga Ma Sangan (DeSha)

Nobia Nene (Johnny Sablan)

30 Kegs (Cha Cha Relief)


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