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I will be taking my blog down sometime in the near future, possibly by the end of the year. Or earlier depending on my medical situation. So just a heads up. Email me if there’s anything you want insofar as content from the library. I’ll see what I can do.

I Babue (Mike Laguana)
Triste Yu (D.U.B.)
Munga Yu Ma Fino Inglisi (Johnny Sablan)
Tristin Pulan (Eddie Boy Acfalle)
hafa Lai Nene (Johnny Sablan)
Papit Siento (Chamolinian)
Christmas Odyssey In Vietnam (Johnny Sablan)
Saipan (KC De Leon Guerrero)
Putfabot Nanahu (P.Champaco/F.Fejeran)
Munga Ma Sangan (DeSha)
Do You Remember Guam (Johnny Sablan)
Inner Voices (Marianas Homegrown)
Chamorro Music Collection Hawaii Music Collection
My and Lou’s “Collection”