Our family (Guam clan) domain space for family named email, storage, and whatever else.
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UPDATE 11/21/23:
REGULAR USERS PLEASE NOTE! This blog is now shutdown as a Wordpress blog due to my web host forcing an upgrade of PhP version which my Wordpress web site installation is apparently not 100% compatible with without more expert assistance, at a cost, than I can do alone. I don't want to pay for this assistance from my web host. Sooo if you want to stay connected to the music library or whatever on this blog, go to rslguam.com, register as a member, let me know who you are registered as on the rslguam web site, and I'll add you to verified member status so you can access the library (the jukebox) there. It's a forum platform and not a blog platform like this one.

Email Account Login
Existing SARUSAL.COM Email Account Holders/Members

Mailbox Maintenance/Settings
Preferences, email client setup guide, filters, autoresponder setup, etc..

New SARUSAL.COM email address/account Requests *
Legit use only! Not to be used for hide and seek spamming or other nefarious or illicit intentions!

Send Email to site manager/owner, at "siteadmin at sarusal.com", subject line must read "New SARUSAL.COM Email Account Request", providing the following:

1. Send the email from your primary Internet Service Provider account (e.g., Spectrum, T-Mobile) and not a freebie account (no Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., accounts!).

2. Provide:
   a. Name (first and Last)
   b. Relationship/association to SARUSAL surname (required association)
   c. Location
   d. Desired Username
   e. State an understanding and acknowledgement of the above requirement for legitimate use only. Copy/paste: "I understand that a SARUSALCOM email account will not be used for unsolicited or spam emails, or any other dishonest use."    f. Attach a scanned copy of a valid identification (ID card, Driver License, etc.) to assure an amount of verification of who you are. Edit/censor PII but leave name and city/state/country readable.

Upon acceptance and creation of your requested account, I will send you login information (username/password). You can then login using the link(s) above and reset your password per your preference.

* Permanent/indefinite email accounts are not "guaranteed" forever. I will send periodic emails to all account verifying use. I will delete accounts whose users do not respond to confirm current use! I will also delete any accounts that become the subject of complaints of misuse.