Files, photos, videos, a sprinkling of my favorite Chamorro and Hawaii music, tidbits of possible interest, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal. Personal, private, work/job related references, documents, info. My personal storage and content management system. Maybe some interesting stuff; maybe not. Some stuff I might share access to; some I definitely will not; some that is worth collaborating and reciprocating on. My site is here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.


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Secret Test
in Site Admin
93 0 royce
26-04-2018 15:03
PHP-Fusion V9 background im...
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199 0 royce
12-11-2017 04:14

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This "demo" install going live site

Published by royce April 16 2018 03:38 in PHP-Fusion
This "test" install of PHP-Fusion V9 has been sitting pretty much idle for the better part of 5 months. I'm starting to feel like it's time to shit or get off the pot with V9 or PHP-Fusion as a whole. So I need to decide whether to scrap PHP-F altogether...

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V9 "trusted" release?

Published by royce June 24 2018 06:26 in PHP-Fusion
It's been how long and I'm still waiting for a version of v9 to be released that has all the major issues taken care of. And I'm still waiting...

Trying V7 themes on V9

Published by royce December 10 2017 04:39 in PHP-Fusion
I read a discussion forum entry on php-fusion.co.uk that mentioned older themes possibly working if bootstrap and icon settiings are turned off. Well...

Video Infusion v3.20 (for V7) does not work

Published by royce December 10 2017 04:29 in PHP-Fusion
I tried to infuse Video Infusion V3.20, which is running just fine on V7.02.07 install, onto this one. Nope. It will not infuse. No need to try again...

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