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Maseha Hafa
random pics
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From Da 671
Photos of Guam
Files, photos, videos, a sprinkling of my favorite Chamorro and Hawaii music, tidbits of possible interest, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal. Personal, private, work/job related references, documents, info. My personal storage and content management system. Maybe some interesting stuff; maybe not. Some stuff I might share access to; some I definitely will not; some that is worth collaborating and reciprocating on. My site is here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.

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What is Up With That!
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This Memorial Day Observance
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From Bill Maher re: Trump's whining
Maseha HafaI don't bash for or against either side in public. I do have my views and opinions but rarely is it worth argument. The world plays itself out no matter what my or your opinion (so think about that before you spout out shit nobody around you wants to hear!) But sometimes, it gets downright comical... as Bill Maher monologues about...
YouTube Video
Chuck Berry has left the building
Maseha HafaSad news today about Chuck Berry passing. He had a lot of hits in his 5+ decades career. One hit in particular brings back memories of childhood/pre-teen days for me... 7th grade memories in particular. Walking to class between buildings at Agueda. Riding the bus to and from school. That carefree feeling and attitude as I began exploring life in general beyond my own neighborhood. Just joyful, carefree childhood fun. And for those memories that make me smile, thank you Chuck Berry.
Chuck Berry - My Ding-A-Ling (click for video)
The Donald compared to Washington and Nixon
Na'ChalekAnother truism as far as I'm concerned. And not a judgement of Trump, but based on his track record whenever he opens his damned mouth.
Trump Are You Jealous!!!
Na'ChalekIf he watched this video I bet he would long for the old days when he could do this!!!!
Minding One's Own Business
Maseha HafaOne of them Facebook posts. Okay maybe only I would like this for a little more that a quick passing laugh. Maybe it's because there's some wisdom in it worth noting!! Think about it... Grin
Plugs for Fave Places
A & L Crafts Federal Soup
Army Together We Served PHP-Fusion Army Surplus World

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My Ding-a-ling - Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry had a lot of hits in his 5+ decades career. O...
3,386 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Elora - Oh shit!
Boy we need to refrain from bad words around these kids I...
3,545 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Cartoon - The Herculoids
Funny. A lot of people I ask don't quite remember this ca...
391 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Johnny Quest cartoon
Another fave cartoon as a kid, when cartoons were on Satu...
109 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Small Kid Time Cartoon - Space Ghost
Ahhh remembering those Saturday morning cartoons...
109 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Nestle Quik Commercial
I still think of this commercial whenever we have "mix wi...
96 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce


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05/22/2017 20:16
checking in, to say hello!

03/18/2017 04:23
hafa adai

03/14/2017 03:31
Sirena, it's a joke. Ask Royce. Or post with the [adult] and [/adult] restriction so it's not open. Adult joke... Smile

03/14/2017 03:30
can listen to it but cannot download it

03/13/2017 09:34
how do we download the music

03/11/2017 18:38
is the joke on me, what long answer is that Ron

03/11/2017 06:53
long answer is: welcome to jamaica have a nice day! Pfft

03/10/2017 22:38
what is the long answer? LOL

01/15/2017 00:39
short answer is yes

01/14/2017 11:23
anything new on the hidden side

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