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A separate place where more restricted and more 'private' stuff is stored; Stuff that is of a different mindset from the main site; Stuff not to be shared with a general passively visiting audience; Stuff for linking from other sites of associates, as needed; Stuff on the far edge of NSFW and beyond. If you're here on this page, well, you likely should already know what stuff is in here. Or at least have an idea...

I got tired of the "mixed" mindset in having gory, violent, extreme, racy, and sometimes downright adult themed video and photos and stories intermixed with everyday, family and other general public friendly content on the main site. I don't like watching racy or adult minded and visual videos right in the middle screen while family pics, pics of the island, etc., rotate thru on one of the side panels. Plus, having to restrict certain content all around non-restricted content gets hard to track. So I installed a secondary site, independent of the main site. I'm calling it the Back Room.

So fuck it, like the house analogy, I put everything I don't want out in the living room for visitors, guests and casual family to see in the back room... and restrict who can go into the back room. So in the back room I put all my NSFW and not safe for the uninitiated members of the family there for private lockup.

Of course, even when someone walks into my house (invited of course) and wanders into the back room, most everything is under lock and key and they have to ask to see what's inside this taped up box, that locked dresser drawer, etc.. And I give them access as I see fit.

That's all there is to it....

Read the NEWS section (scroll down, below) if you're interested in group accesses in this back room area....

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